Some Signs you might have Lower Testosterone Levels

Are there things to look for to clue you into the fact that you could have low testosterone?

The answer: yes. There are actually many signs and symptoms of low testosterone (click the link for a more comprehensive list).

We will look at some of the major signs. As we age, we lose testosterone. Experts calculate that we lose about 1-2% each and every year after the age of 30. That is a lot of lost testosterone!

There are of course things that a man can do to try and combat this loss. For example, working out regularly will help maintain a normal level of testosterone. Eating a balance diet and watching your weight are also important factors in keeping testosterone levels in normal range.

Right now though, we are looking at the signs of low testosterone. We hear about ‘low T’ all over the place, but how do we know if we are actually suffering from low T? Well, the best way to find out is to have a blood test done by your doctor. But maybe you think you are being paranoid and don’t really want to make a trip to the doc. That is certainly understandable.

So is are there any clues that we can look for? Yes. And here are 3 big ones:

  1. You have less interest in sex and/ or have fewer erections. This is a big sign and a pretty common symptom of lowering testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for developing the sex organs and our sex drive so it makes clear sense that if we have lower testosterone, we will have lower desire for sex.
  2. Your body is shifting away from muscle to fat. Testosterone is also responsible for muscle mass and strength. So again, it makes clear sense that if we are having a problem with low testosterone our muscles are effected. Basically we find that (particularly around the abdominal region) we get a increase in body fat. This is what is basically know as the potbelly. And this would be why a lot of older men have that all to familiar potbelly.
  3. You have a noticeable decrease in energy. When our testosterone levels drop, we lack energy and our metabolism slows. If you find that you do not have energy for the things that you used to have energy for, you may be suffering from low testosterone. That’s not to say that you should feel like you did when you were 18 years old, but men in there 40’s, 50’, 60’s, and beyond can and should have energy to do the things they enjoy.

If you are experience any or all of these symptoms, you may be suffering from low testosterone. But again, the only way to tell is from a blood test from your doctor. There are things that can be done (things that may not necessarily require testosterone replacement therapy). You do not have to continue for the rest of your life with the symptoms of low testosterone.

Get A Garden!

Do you think gardening in boring? You may want to think twice about it.


There are so many health benefits that it is worth it. Maybe you think that you don’t have space to garden. People are getting more and more creative every day about how and where to grow a garden. Even apartment dwellers can come up with novel ways to make it happen. What is your excuse?

Maybe you are not aware of all of the benefits to tending to a garden. Well we are here to give you some of that information.Gardening

You could probably guess that there are health benefits to having and growing a garden. Home grown food, where you have control over what goes into the growing process is always going to be better than buying it at the store.

Many people are simply unaware of all of the processing that goes into food. And it is not good for you. You might that vegetables are okay, but think again. It certainly depends on where you get them from, but for the most part the vegetables that you buy at the store are filled with chemicals that are not good for you and take away from the nutritional value of the food.

In order to grow mass amounts of a product, many farmers have to use fertilizers and other chemicals to grow their product. So what you think is good for you is not as good as it could be if you were to grow it yourself.

So of course there are nutritional benefits. What else?

Believe it or not, there are physical and mental benefits to tending to a garden. Our lives are filled with stress. Getting out in nature and benefits your mood more than most people know. It can decrease your cortisol level (this is the hormone that is released when we are under stress).

After a gardening session, we often feel better and less stressed. Breathing in the natural smells, working on something beautiful in a productive manner and knowing that you are producing something is very rewarding.

Gardening can also be a sort of meditative experience. You can be in the moment, focused and not worried about anything else.

Working with your hands and in nature offers something very therapeutic.

You will also benefit from the physical exercise that is associated with gardening. Believe it or not, you can work up a sweat, stretch your body and pump your blood all from tending to your garden.

Your body will move in ways that it doesn’t normally move and this is good for it. Our bodies need to move in different ways. This can help with pain too.

There are some studies that suggest that gardening can help older people fight off dementia. The research on this is not conclusive, but it is positive and worth the effort.

So what are you waiting for? Think you don’t have room? Think again, look online for ideas and get creative. Even a few vegetables to start will be a great start. I think you will find that you will want to continue to grow and grow your garden and you will find more creative ways to make it happen.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

You can also check on Pinterst for some great ideas!

Necessary devices?

Here are some must have kitchen devices. Well, let’s take a look at them first. Maybe they are not so necessary.

In fact, maybe they are just completely unnecessary. You decide.

The Hug is a band that goes around your water bottle that is able to sense how much water you are drinking throughout the day. This sensor communicates with your iPhone to let you know how you are doing. You will get a notice on our phone if you should drink more water.

My thoughts: Just about everyone could use to drink more water. The health benefits are endless. Water gives you more energy, it flushes your system, it helps fill you up, it hydrates your entire body, etc. We all know that we should drink more water. The question is, do we need a device and an app to remind us and if we have that reminder will we drink more? This probably would help some people. Maybe someone that drinks no water and wants to drink what they should. However, for $60 or more, I think I could set an hourly alarm on my phone if I had to.

Here is another interesting device – the Milkmaid. It is a device that will let you know if your milk is bad. The container has a sensor at the base that can measure temperature and pH that indicates whether or not the milk is good.

My thoughts: look at the date on the milk carton. Do you really need help with determining if your milk is bad or expired? If you do, you need to reevaluate your life because you might just be way to busy. Who lets their mild set out all day? If you do, I can tell you that it will go bad. With that, please send us $20. This is about how much this device is going to cost.

Next we have one that you have probably heard of – Vessyl. This device will tell you what it is that you are drinking. It also tells you how many calories are in the drink.

My thoughts: this is a tricky one. It seems as though there has to be something missing – something that I’m not getting. This project has received a lot of publicity and a lot of funding ($3 million).

They must be not telling us something. Does the cup give you refills automatically? Or give you a different drink at the press of a button?

If you put the drink in the cup, you really should know what is in it. And if you have had the drink for so long that you don’t remember what it is, you probably should get rid of it anyway. And if you didn’t pour the drink and don’t ask what it is or don’t trust who it is from then you shouldn’t be drinking it.

Ok so maybe the calorie counter is actually a nice feature. But again, if you are pouring the drink, you should know what is in it. This cup will likely cost around $200. We are still waiting to hear what more it does.

Next is something called a HAPIfork and it is a fork that helps you eat more slowly. And it comes in different colors! Basically it will light up and vibrate if you are eating too fast.

This is a nice reminder to be more mindful and slow it down.

My thoughts: Do humans have no control? No ability to do something they want without a device to assist them. We have calculators to do complicated calculations. This is a helpful device even though some will argue that it makes us unable to do simple math. But a device to encourage us to eat slower – we need this? Can’t do it on our own?

Well, I am sure it can be good for some people who have no concept of time or are highly challenged with mindfulness.

What do you think about these devices? Are you getting ready to pre-order?

Get Creative With Opening Wine

We have talked before about how to chill a bottle of wine in an pinch, but what if you can’t even open the bottle? Meaning you are on a picnic and you forgot the opener. Or maybe you are in some other situation where you don’t have access to a regular wine opener. how to open a bottle of wine

Never fear, did you know that you can open a bottle of wine easily (well that depends on the wine cork) with a knife. Check out the article and video from Lifehacker.

This guy makes it look so easy, just be careful with your knife! You don’t want to end up needing the whole bottle of wine after you cut yourself…

Good luck, but we hope you won’t find yourself in this situation any time soon!



Most Visited Countries

Do you know what countries are visited the most?

Some countries on the list might surprise you. On the other hand, some you might be able to guess. France

For example if you guessed France (for Paris of course) you would be right! In fact it is the #1 most visited with 84.7 million visitors (according to Business Insider).

What about some of the other most desired vacation locations? Did you guess Thailand? That was the 10th most visited location with 26.5 million. If you saw some of their beautiful ocean views and landscapes you would probably want this destination on your list too.

The 9th most visited location is Russia with 28.4 million. I have to say that this one surprised me. Not because it is not breathtaking, I just would have thought other locations would be higher on the list.

8th is the UK with 31.2 million. I might have thought that this would have been in the top 5.

Next there is Germany at 31.5 visitors and then Turkey at 37.8 million. These also surprised me, but it is nice to see travel opening up world wide.

Following Germany and Turkey, the next one should be no surprise and possibly one you may have guessed: Italy. The lush, rolling landscapes, the wine, the history. It is surely on anyones must see list. So Italy is in the #5 with 47.7 million people visiting.

In the 4th position we have China with The Great Wall of China a must see.

The country in the 3rd most visited position at 60.7 million visitors may or man not be a surprise. The destination is Spain. Beautiful beaches, lots of culture, food wine and so many other things to enjoy.

So we know that France is in the #1 spot, but who takes #2? If you guess the good old USA they you would be correct! 69.8 million people visit the US. This research did not mention a particular State or City, but we might guess the the coast would be high on the list – meaning New York and California. Although Las Vegas, Hawaii and many of the National Parks must be high on the list as well.

Where would you like to visit? Did you think there would be a location on the list that wasn’t? I personally have Greece on my ‘next to visit’ list, but I can see why some of the other destination are more popular.




How to Stay Alert

So many of us start to fade as the day goes on. Sometimes it hits right after lunch or sometimes it may be just a few hours before our work day is done. What can we do?

One thing that we can do is to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of having a huge lunch. This is usually what does us in. If we go back from lunch with a stuffed tummy, we will be sluggish. Eating smaller snacks all through the day is better for you in many ways. It is good for your metabolism and helps control weight.

You should also always have water with you. Oftentimes if we are tired or have a Waterheadache it is because we need more water. Almost everyone could use more water. So even if you think you have enough, you could probably have more. Water is what your body needs and craves to give it energy and vitality.

You also need to stay away from the vending machine that is filled with sugary snacks. Sugar is only a temporary boost and it is not worth it. The empty calories aren’t worth and and you will also crash harder when you do crash (and you will). Go for a healthy protein snack to give you a boost of energy.

If you can, you might want to think about a power nap. They really can make a huge difference in your day. You would think that it might make you more tired, but as long as you don’t go over 15-25 minutes you should feel energized.

Try having something different for breakfast If you find that you start to fade in the afternoon, then maybe what you had for breakfast has something to do with it. You can try sampling different items to see how your body responds. Some things to try would be high fiber foods, and foods high in healthy carbohydrates. If you think you need to add protein to your breakfast, you can try a shake or a meat side. You may have to play around to see what is best for your physiology.

Power Nap Power naps are underrated. They are not about being lazy, they are about giving your brain and body a quick rest so that you come back more energized and focused than before. Just make sure your nap is no longer than 20 minutes.

If a nap is not in the cards for you then maybe you can get some fresh air and sunshine. A change of scenery, different air and some natural vitamin D can do wonders for your mind and body. Ideally, you would want to go for a brisk walk outside, but this may not be possible for everyone. If you can go outside though, you really should. Even if it is cold, just a few minutes can do wonders.

What are some things that you do to stay alert through your day? Everyone is different and it is good to experiment with different things.

How To Get Kids To Eat More Veggies

Want a fun, productive and efficient way to get your kids to eat more vegetables?


It can be challengtomato gardening to say the least to get kids to understand the value of eating in a healthful way. Especially when candy is so readily available and oftentimes better tasting.

One clever way to get kids to see the value in eating more veggies is to have them build (or help build) a garden. Studies have shown that when kinds are involved with such a project, they will eat more fruits and vegetables on their own.

What a wonderful idea! Who wouldn’t want fresh vegetables at their table? Not to mention that healthy eating is so very important and starting good habits at a young age is much more beneficial than trying to get an adult to eat better after years of poor eating.

Space may be tight, you say? No room for a garden? This may be true, but you can start small. Even just a tomato plant on the steps outside will be helpful.

If we want our kids to eat better we have to take steps to help them see and understand the value. They deserve it!

Here are some tips on how to grow tomatoes.



2 Cool Tips on Chilling Wine Without Ice Cubes

Did you ever throw show to chill wineome ice in warm wine and find that your wine didn’t taste so good afterward? There are better ways to do this.

Here are 2 cool and easy ways we found.

One, you can take some regular paper towels and get them wet with cold water. Maybe 3 or 4 towels. Take the towels and wrap them around the bottle of wine that you want to get cold. And then, you put everything in the freezer for a few minutes. Check it in 10 minutes and it might be good to go. If not, another few minutes should be all it needs.

This is much faster than waiting for your wine refrigerator or regular refrigerator to cool it. Or even just putting the wine in the freezer without the wet paper towels. Give it a try.

The next way is cooler (no pun intended), but might look a bit strange in your glass. You can take grapes that have been frozen and put them in a decanter or just the wine glass. The wine will be at perfect drinking temperature before you know it. And you have an interesting and conversation starter for a wine glass or decanter.

Wikihow suggests that you put the wine bottle in ice cold water and add some salt. This will chill the wine faster.

Of course there are other ways to cool your wine if it needs it, but these were a bit different and we liked that!

Drink wine responsibly!


Red Wine and Your Health

Is there really a health benefit to drinking red wine? We have all heard the rumors, but is there any truth to them? Studies have shown that moderate amounts of red wine do bring some important health benefits.

Wine has been thought to bring health and healing benefits for many, many years. In fact, red wine helps our heart health. But how?

red wine and health benefitsWine contains elements that are called flavonoids and the antioxidant called Resveratrol, which is a very promising antioxidant. Scientists think that it can effect certain cancers and prevent the growth of tumors.

White wine does have flavonoids, but the benefit is not nearly the same as from red wine. The flavonoids are just more potent in wines that are darker and dryer. So think about getting some Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. Anything sweeter or lighter, the concentration and benefit from flavonoids goes down.

The quantity that you need to benefit from your red wine is just a glass or somewhere around 4-6 fl.oz.

As always, review everything with your doctor. They will be able to tell you if there are any reasons why you should not drink red wine. They may be other health concerns where a person should not drink wine.

Red wine consumption may also bring other benefits to us. Here are just a few –
Prevent food poisoning.
Reduced risk for developing blocked arteries.
Help patients with dementia.
Help with memory and brain functioning.
Reduction with infection risk.
Wine drinkers seem to have fewer incidences of depression.
Age better with red wine from its anti-aging antioxidants. More on this here.

Go ahead and open up a bottle and if it is just you, then you can easily put the stopper back in and store it in your wine cooler for the next day.

Lose The Extra Fat In You Stomach Region

How can we lose belly fat?

Need some suggestions to help you eliminate that additional fat around your belly area? Listed here are a few things to consider.

Many people might not understand it, but the bodily hormone that is produced when we are stressed (cortisol) can in fact break down our muscle mass.

Cortisol likewise hinders the manufacturing of testosterone. These things combined stand for much more fatty tissue for your belly region.

If you are under stress for prolonged amount of times, you are hurting your body. It is important that you minimize the level of stress and anxiety in your life.

Here are some suggestions on exactly how you may reduce stress and anxiety in your life – Meditation: you ought to discover ways to unwind. The advantages of meditation have actually been proven scientifically. If mind-calming exercise is not your cup of tea, at least take some time to relax. Time far from all else. Time to simply be still. Your whole body will thank you for it. Rest: without correct rest, your body can’t function appropriately. In addition, do not bring stressful elements into relaxing places, like the bedroom or family room. Finding a pastime may help lower your stress also. Try out different things as everybody reacts in different ways to different situations.

What are other things we can do to fight belly fat? Sleep: without proper sleep we make bad food decisions. Additionally, our physical body chemistry becomes modified (much less testosterone and additional cortisol) which directly affect our belly region. You definitely should go for at least 7 hr/night. Stay away from sugar: Sugar goes to your belly. If you desire and need to reduce calories, you really should fill up on proteins and vegetables. Whole grains are likewise a excellent alternative. Whatever you do, seriously limit your sugar consumption.

Some other meals to focus on feature: salmon, walnuts, avocados, and soy beans. These are all great fats and are filled with Omega 3.

Make sure you receive your Vitamin C: This one may appear strange, but Vitamin C can stabilize cortisol that gets introduced in our physical body when we are stressed. It also produces carnitine, which turns fat deposits into energy! When we think of Vitamin C we generally think about oranges. But kale (super food), kiwi, and bell peppers actually have even more Vitamin C in comparison to an orange.

Eat Breakfast: Not eating your breakfast is a no, no. Possibilities are if you consume your morning meal everyday, you are thinner than those which don’t. Consuming very first thing in the morning gets your metabolism running and helps keep your blood insulin steady. So do not skimp on breakfast time – it is the most important dish of the day.

Check out this video on the importance of eating breakfast.

Be careful of the stomach crunches: We may assume that if we would like to lose our belly, we need to work it, yet this will not help. You can do all the crunches you desire, yet if the underlying muscle is covered in fat, you will just have fat deposits. Instead of crunches (reserve those for later), you might focus on physical exercises that work your complete body or at the very least several muscular tissues at the same time. The moment you get rid of some of the fat, then you can work on the six-pack.

Exercise: You really can not reduce the fat deposits you wish without doing regular exercise. You need to incorporate cardio exercises into your daily life. You could begin gradual and you will certainly find that you can build up rather quickly. Always contact your doctor prior to making any type of life adjustments like the above. Every person is different and every person calls for different assistance when it involves their physical body. Lots of people overdo it and end up harming themselves.

Strength / resistance training: Muscular tissue burns more fatty tissue. And researches have actually revealed that resistance training paired with cardio are a lot more powerful at doing away with belly fat deposits. Ensure you switch up the program to work various muscular tissues. There may also be supplements that might help you with your workouts.

Cutting calories is a must: In order to burn the volume of calories you need to in order to slim down, you have to cut down somewhat on your intake. This doesn’t imply a meticulous diet regimen; diet regimens are in fact bad for you. Instead attempt to make lifestyle modifications, however only after discussing everything with your medical professional.